Why Laser Facial Resurfacing

– Improve deep wrinkles, fine lines, tone and texture
–In one single treatment
– Get amazing rejuvenation results without surgery
-Experience minimal downtime


AcuPulse is a complete ablative resurfacing workstation, featuring state of the art technology for all aesthetic resurfacing needs.
Laser Facial Resurfacing is fractional resurfacing solution of AcuPulse system. It can offer you amazing results on a range of skin aging concerns, from deep wrinkles to fine lines and uneven skin tone and texture.
Treatment affects different layers of your skin, depending on your specific concern.

How does it work?

AcuPulse laser (CO2 laser) creates microscopic channels that trigger the process of new collagen and elastic fibers production, while leaving some unaffected skin in between the channels to reduce healing time. The result is deep dermal regeneration that dramatically improves your skin elasticity and appearance. The unique power and precision of technology enables to customize treatments for your specific skin concerns and needs, with optimal comfort and healing time.

When will I see results?

The main advantage of Laser Facial Resurfacing is that results are visible after one single treatment. As your skin heals following the treatment, you will begin to notice an improvement in wrinkles, fine lines, tone and texture. Typically, you should expect to continue to see improvement for up to 18 months following the procedure.

All laser treatments are performed by high qualified doctors.

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